Hey, Single Girl! Use the Good Stuff!

Here's a Fun Fact: I abhor paper plates!

It's rare to find them in my home.

Outside of a barbeque or cookout, I want my food on a pretty china or porcelain plate and my drink in a glass.

I'm just not a "red plastic cup" type of girl.

Where in the world did this hostility come from?

Many years ago, I saw the late singer, Luther Vandross interviewed by Oprah.

He talked about the opulence of his home and how he used his china and crystal EVERY DAY!

He loved daily treating himself well.

Luther's advice: "Don't save the good stuff. You are worth the experience!"

When I was a child, it was popular to have a living room with furniture covered in plastic and a china cabinet full of beautiful dishes.

It was ironic that there was very little living going on in the 'living room' and china was only for "special occasions."

Guess what?

LIFE is a special occasion!

Waking up every day is a special occasion.

Many people didn't get to see today.

Saving "the good stuff" for guests or for certain days implies that YOU aren't exceptional enough to experience the thrill of this great item. 

It holds guests in higher esteem than yourself.

You can own it, but you're not "good enough" to use it.

That's ridiculous!

Saving "the good stuff" sends damaging subliminal messages and packs a  blow to one's confidence.

A few weeks ago, a close friend gifted me with a stunning Tiffany & Company goblet.

I was so honored.

My first inclination was to put it on a shelf and save it.

On second thought, I decided to honor my dear friend by using it as much as possible. Every time I lift my glass, I think about the blessing she's been to my life and how each day is unique enough to drink from Tiffany & Company crystal.

Single woman...YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Yes, YOU!

  • You're special enough to use the "good china" for taco night
  • You're exceptional enough to eat at a 5-star restaurant on a random Tuesday afternoon
  • You're unique enough to use that engraved gold pen to write the mortgage check
  • You're bold enough to wear the stunning designer outfit, including the 4-inch heels, on a Walmart run
  • You're incomparable enough to drink protein from a crystal goblet
  • You're esteemed enough to spritz your favorite perfume to do the laundry

Don't wait to use the good stuff!

Have you ever reserved an item for a "special occasion?"

How do you feel about using your good stuff now?

What item do most people use regularly that you greatly dislike?

We want to hear from you.

Share your thoughts in the BLOG COMMENTS BELOW.

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