Single Parent SUPERHEROES!

Are you a single parent?
If so, you deserve a STANDING OVATION!
(Do you see me clapping?)
According to U.S. Census updates  (2018), there are 13.6 million single parents in the United States.
These heroes and sheroes include people who are divorced, widowed or have always been single.
After divorcing, I spent many years raising my two children alone.
It was a challenging, yet glorious time of growth, discovery, and questioning.
  • How do I successfully do the job designed for two people alone?
  • How will I financially provide everything they need?
  • Is it okay to date?
  • Should I consider remarriage?
  • How do I provide emotional support for my daughter?
  • Where do I find male role models for my son?                                
There are so many questions.
Guess what?
The African Proverb is true:
"It takes a village to raise a child!"
So first things first: Build your village.
I was blessed to have wonderful family and friends as support.
Many people are willing and happy to help when you ask.
There are also online empowerment pages that provide encouragement,
information, and resources to strengthen your efforts.
My favorites include: 
@single_moms spotlights successful single mothers and resources
@singlemomstribe  offers spiritual motivation and support
@lisasvoiceworks offers encouragement, empowerment, and entertainment from a widow's perspective.
Be encouraged.
You have everything inside of you to be a successful single parent!
Take it from me, I know.
After years of crying, questioning, and lots of PRAYING, my children grew into
AMAZING, God-loving, successful, compassionate, financially responsible, 
intelligent, socially, and politically aware adults.
Yours can too!
What advice do you have for single parents to consider?
Share it in the COMMENTS.

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